Let's get there safer.

PANTERIX uses a world-class accident database to offer an analytical solution to road safety. By locating danger hotspots we inform consumers where accidents are most likely to occur.

How it works
Backed by INRIX's unique accident dataset, our algorithm identifies danger hotspots to rank road safety.
The Database
We use tens of millions of accident datapoints to create the world's most accurate road safety dataset.
The Algorithm
Using a complicated network of historical and real-time factors, our algorithm produces danger ratings in dozens of countries.
The Product
We've already created a danger-based routing engine, a location-lookup product, and a map-overlay to visualize the data.
Vision Zero
At the heart of our business lies our mission to reduce traffic fatalities - and eventually help eliminate them. A crucial part of accomplishing this is knowing which roads are dangerous.
We offer drivers information on road safety, inform local governments of danger hotspots, and offer our services to insurance and real estate.
Our Advantage
Putting aside the expertise offered to us through our partnership with Epic Labs, what really sets us apart is our unique access to INRIX's world-class accident database.
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